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MY Laundry Buddy


Some of the greatest inventions are created from personal experiences. One day while washing their Mother's laundry, Sister's, Ayala and Sarah laundry was mistakenly taken by a resident at their private laundry facility. Although the laundry was later returned.... they had to go through the tedious process of rewashing the clothes. This incident birthed the creative idea of My Laundry Buddy. You place these fun and unique crafts on your machine to help remember where you put your laundry, and know which laundry belongs to you. Our products not only prevent cross contamination, but they also help to keep our communities safe, and they are really fun.We never stop improving, and will continue to expand our offerings based on how we can best serve of neighborhoods. We also expanded our business to My Snack Buddy and My Travel Buddy. Get in touch with us today to learn how My Laundry Buddy can help you.

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These designer Laundry Buddies help you to remember your machines, and to prevent others from mistakenly taking your laundry. This is perfect for people who go to the Laundry Mat or  private laundry facilities. These fun Buddies are equipped with a magnet for easy use, and Personal Protective Equipment to minimize cross contamination.

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